Defaulted Portfolio Note Quote

We generally consider a portfolio to be a group or pool of loans numbering ten or more. We are currently purchasing in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Asia Australia, New Zealand Caribbean Basin & Central America, Europe, Marshall Islands, and Puerto Rico. Submit your tape today to in Excel format for a FREE, No-Hassle, No-Obligation, portfolio quote and we will send you an indicative bid by email, within 3 to 4 business days upon receipt of the information below. 

What types of portfolios does Colonial purchase?

We buy any size of portfolio that secures payment for the following types of debt:

* Single Family Homes
* Mobile Homes and Land
* Raw Land
* Residential or Mobile Home Lots
* Multi-Family
* Commercial
* Home Improvement Loans
* Rehabilitated Property

Your tape should include the following information:

* The purpose of the liens
* Type of collateral and documents
* Amount of seasoning
* Payment history
* Credit rating of the payers
* Size and financial statistics of the portfolio.
* Full address of properties

* Beds/Baths
* Sqft
* Unpaid principal balance
* Date of BPO and value (or comps)
* Lien position
* Date last payment made
* Taxes
* Repair estimates
* Condition of property
* Occupancy status (if rented, what’s the amt?)

With your tape please include:

* Your pricing expectation
* Format of the bid (asset based, all in one, faded)
* Color