Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the closing costs?
We generally pay all closing costs and fees.

Do you lend money?
No, we do not lend money. We only purchase receivables secured by Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

Do you have a minimum or a maximum limit to the size of the notes you will purchase?
No, we have no minimum or maximums, we purchase notes of any size or dollar amount. We love to purchase small notes as well as notes in the multi-million range.

How long does it take to get my money?
Although we have purchased notes soon, as a general rule it takes two-three weeks to close on a real estate note, from the time we receive all the required documentation.

Why does it take two-three weeks to close?
The reason it usually takes two-three weeks to close is that we must order title reports from the escrow company.

When I sell my note how will it affect my payor(s)?
The only change will be where and to whom payments are sent. All terms of the original note will usually remain.

How much will I get when you buy my note?, Inc. is generally one of the highest payors for mortgage notes, trust deeds and land contracts. A number of factors help us determine the value of your note. We take the following into consideration when pricing: Sales Price, Down Payment Amount, Interest Rate, Credit of the payor, Value and Condition of the property and Pay History.

How much are my "out-of-pocket expenses"?
Generally, when selling your mortgage note(s), land contract(s) or trust deed(s) to you will have NO out of pocket expenses! We will pay for the title insurance, appraisal and recording fees. We do not, however, pay for past due property taxes.

When I sell my note, how will I be paid and where is the closing?
Your funds will be disbursed to you either by certified check from the closing/escrow agent or, if you choose, they can be wired directly to your bank account. The closing can be done via overnight mail or in person at a title company.

How long does it take to sell my mortgage note?
In most cases the process to sell your note is complete in 2-4 weeks. Much of this depends on how quickly we receive copies of documents we need from you.

What types of notes do you purchase and where? purchases Mortgages, Deeds of Trust and Land Contracts on most property types secured by Residential and Commercial real estate.

What information do I need to provide you with and how quickly will I receive my quote?
We will need to know: Property type, Sales Price, Amount of Down Payment, Mortgage Amount, Interest Rate, Property Address and information regarding the payor. Once you have provided us with this information we will get back to you promptly with a no obligation quote.

In general, what is your “standard” bid on non-performing or REO product?
Each tape will be individually evaluated and the bid will be determined by our proprietary model taking into account several parameters such as the type and location of property, lien position, credit of the borrower, documentation type, integrity of the loan documents etc.